new work (2023)
for piano, violin, cello
duration: 2'00''
Commissioned by Longleash and Chamber Music America

carve (2023)
for piano and percussion
duration: 7'00''
Commissioned by Kyle Flens and Jonathan Hannau

scene I (2022)
for solo piano
duration: 2'00''
Commissioned by Shi-An Costello

living to fall [music and rain] (2022)
- Water Triptych Part III -
for piano, keyboard, and two percussionists and video
duration: 17''
Commissioned by the Earle Brown Music Foundation, for Yarn/Wire

offering [music and the ocean] (2022)
- Water Triptych Part II -
for piano and video
duration: 14''
American Academy in Rome residency project

n.b. (variation on the name Nadia Boulanger) (2022)
for violin and cello
duration: 1'30''
Written for the 100th anniversary of Fontainebleau School of Music and Fine Arts

body_no_thing [music and fountains] (2022)
- Water Triptych Part I -
for piano and video
duration: 15''
American Academy in Rome residency project

available stops (2021)
for viola and cello
duration: 6''
Commissioned by the Quijote Duo, for the 2021 Ear Taxi Festival

cabinet of curiosities (2021)
for sampler and chamber ensemble (fl, cl, bsn, hn, perc, keyb., vln, vla, vc)
duration: 10''
Written for the 2021 Composers Conference Ensemble

kai (2021)
for solo Eb clarinet
duration: 5''
Written for Kaichi Hirayama and the Composers Conference 2021

confined. speak. (2020)
for violin and piano
duration: 12''’
Commissioned by The Library of Congress McKim Fund, for Ensemble Dal Niente

expulsure (2020)
for solo flute
duration: 6'
Commissioned by the 2020 Composers Conferece, and written for Octavian Moldovean

portrait IO (2020)
for 18 musicians
duration: 16'
Commissioned by Ensemble Modern

Summon, and Back Against the Wall (2020)
two large ensemble arrangements of JLIN's work
duration: 4' & 5', respectively
Commissioned by Alarm Will Sound

clonewheels (2020)
for sextet (fl, cl, perc, pno, vln, vc)
duration: 8'
Commissioned by Riot Ensemble

weaving (2019)
acousmatic work (two-channel playback)
Commissioned by playwright Emilio Emanuel Williams as part of a lecture-performance held at The Art Institute of Chicago, Dec. 2019.

as light becomes form (2019)
for violin and piano
duration: 18'
Commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation, for Duo Diorama

sounding petals (2019)
for violin, cello, and piano
duration: 6'
Commissioned by the Copland House.

anima (2019)
for harp and percussion
duration: 13'
Commissioned by DCASE; written for Ben Melsky and Kyle Flens.

(ghosts) behind articulation (2018)
piano solo
duration: 12'
Commissioned by Amici per la Musica—Luigi Nono International Competition, for Yu-Ting Mabel Huang.

harmonia in the lyre (2018)
acousmatic work (two-channel playback)
duration: 2'00''
Written in memory of Allan Schindler.

the voice carves its line (2018)
acousmatic work (four-channel playback)
duration: 3'52''
Commissioned by the International Symposium of New Music, for the microFOLIA CD release.

through thoughts of a different kind (2018)
for 16 musicians.
duration: 8'
Commissioned by the Mizzou International Composers Festival, for Alarm Will Sound.

suggested affinities (2018)
concerto for piano and synthesizer, with chamber ensemble of 13 players
duration: 20'
Spring 2018. Dissertation work – Ensemble Dal Niente, University of Chicago.

between spaces (2017)
solo vibraphone, spatialized percussion ensemble, and electronics
duration: 15'
Commissioned by the Logan Center for the Arts (5th anniversary celebration), for John Corkill,  and University of Chicago Percussion Ensemble.

speak through speaking (2017)
saxophone (alto), accordion (bayan) and contrabass
duration: 8'
Written for POING, Time of Music Festival, Viitasaari, Finland

murmurations II (2017)
wind quintet
duration: 6'
03/30/2017, premiered by Imani Winds, University of Chicago

étude n° 4, and 5 (2016)
piano and synthesizer
duration: 3' and 5'
Ear Taxi Festival, Chicago Cultural Center

lamento (2015-16)
six musicians (fl, cl, vln, vc, pno, perc) + electronics
duration: 10'
Commissioned by the Valencia International Performance Academy (2016), for the [Switch~ Ensemble]

parlando (2016)
duo for vibraphone and synthesizer
duration: 11'
Commissioned by Christopher Clarino, and performed at the UCSD Springfest 16.

murmurations I [epigone] (2016)
cello and accordion.
duration: 12'
Commissioned by Maciej Frąckiewicz

(to possess) other ears (2015)
three percussionists, iPhones and bluetooth speakers
duration: indeterminate
commissioned by Beyond This Point Percussion Ensemble, and performed on the Chicago CTA.

leaf II, for Shulamit Ran (2015)
solo piano.
duration: 2'
For the Album Leaf concert, celebrating the retirement of Shulamit Ran. Performed by Amy Briggs.

two two (2015)
octet (fl, ob, cl, perc, pno, vla, vc, cb).
duration: 8'
Written for Ensemble Intercontemporain.

étude n° 1, 2, and 3 (2015)
piano and synthesizer (single pianist)
Duration: 12
For Winston Choi.

dissolution (2014)
soprano, flute and piano.
duration: 4'
Written for the Ritsos Project.

ploy, pivot (2014)
chamber orchestra (32 players)
duration: 6'

quiet rooms (2014)
septet (fl, cl, vln, vc, pno, perc).
duration: 10'
Written for Eighth Blackbird.

memory, memorialization – o urubú e o gavião (2013)
duo for violin and viola.
duration: 9'
Written for Austin Wulliman and Doyle Armbrust from the Spektral Quartet.

centripetal paths (2012)
duo for alto flute and Bb clarinet
duration: 7'
For Cory Tiffin and Emma Gerstein

… of cities and eyes (2012)
sextet (fl, cl, vln, vc, pno, perc)
duration: 6'
Commissioned by the turnEnsemble

reverie (2012)
for orchestra.
duration: 5'
Premiered at the Brevard Music Center

…of which of a wind (2012)
flute, viola, and harp
duration: 7'
Performed at the Brevard Music Center

Two Inventions (2012)
for nine instruments (fl, ob, cl, vln, vla, vc, pno, hp, perc)
duration: 9'
Commissioned by Ossia New Music, Eastman School of Music

of cities and memory (2011)
for sinfonietta ensemble (16 players).
duration: 10'
11/21/2011, performed by the Eastman Composers' Sinfonietta, Eastman School of Music

Two memory pieces (2011)
piano and live electronics
duration: 7;
04/2011, performed by Igor Santos at the Eastman School of Music Computer Music concert

Nocturne (2011)
piano quintet.
duration: 5'
07/2011, performed at The American Art Schools of Fontainebleau

Moppet (2010)
concertino for solo piano and percussion ensemble.
duration: 8'
Commissioned and performed by the University of South Florida Percussion Ensemble

Three etudes (2010)
orchestra, piano obbligato, and electronic playback 
duration: 9'
Performed by the University of South Florida Symphony Orchestra 

Electronic Essay #14 (2009)
violin and electronic playback
duration: 6'
Commissioned by Amanda Raber and performed at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Réveil des Graines (2009)
solo piano and orchestra
duration: 15'

Eta Carinae (2009)
duration: 7'
Performance with The Florida Orchestra

Two Poems by Manuel Bandeira (2008)
soprano and piano.
duration: 8'
For Mariette Morel-Wilson and Allan Armstrong
© 2018 Igor Santos. All Rights Reserved.

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