étude 1 – prelude

étude 2 – ripples on false reflections 

étude 3 – doublings

étude 4 – signaux bloquées

étude 5 – notturno

for solo piano and synthesizer

études is a series works written for piano and keyboard, to be played by a single pianist.

These works aim to expand the vocabulary of the acoustic piano into an instrument that offers limitless micro/macrotonal intervals, broader tessitura, increased array of extended techniques, and new properties of touch and pedalling.

The electronics functions as “prosthetics” to the piano, with flexible parameters capable of precise manipulations of tuning, register, timbre, etc. The real piano in this setup functions as a mask, with its natural acoustic properties used to compensate for the imperfection of digital piano sound. Through various compositional and orchestration techniques both entities blend as one—as a kind of “super-piano”. The work is interested in aesthetics of defamiliarization, always presenting novel pianistic possibilities within a familiar sonic framework.

The first five études were written for and dedicated to pianist Winston Choi.

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