offering [music and the ocean]
Water Tryptych [part II]
for piano and video

Composition, Video, and Sound Design: Igor Santos
Performance: Igor Santos
William Villalongo
Video documentation: Tina Tallon and Antonio Demma
Audio mastering: Murat Çolak

Premiere Performance: June 09, 2022. Open Studios at the American Academy in Rome, performed by the composer.

sketch by William Villalongo
The ocean, in offering, is used as a vehicle to talk about migration, to invoke ancient myths and symbols, and to celebrate cross-cultural and transnational ‘contaminations.’ I also take the opportunity to also bring forth and make sense of my own mixed background, both ethnical and cultural. These concepts and ideas, along with the sculptures and other visuals of the work, were made in collaboration with the visual artist William Villalongo during our residency at the American Academy in Rome.”

offering makes use of found footage, found sounds, quotations of ocean-inspired works, and water-like pianistic gestures, all joined in a mimetic cycle—constantly navigating between video, sound, and live performance, as well as back and forth in historical time.

photos by Daniele Molajoli

© 2018 Igor Santos. All Rights Reserved.

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