movement  II

movement III

instrumentation: vibraphone and synthesizer (88-key keyboard + digital pedals, laptop, speaker)

duration: 11 minutes

premiere performance: Christopher Clarino and Todd Moellenberg, as part of UCSD's Springfest 2016.

Commissioned by Christopher Clarino.

vibraphone and synthesizer

In parlando both vibraphone and synthesizer combine to create one morphed instrument, capable of infinite inflections in pitch, extended range, etc. This is an extension of work I have done in Études, for piano and synthesizer.

The first movement focuses on a single hybrid melodic line which is consistently blurred by small clusters in 1/12 tones, and in which the morphology of keyboard playing is challenged due to its new mapping.
The second makes use of small increments in order to generate a brief hypnotic cycle, full of pitch bending from both instruments.
For the third movement there is a return of the single line texture from the opening, now played in an uneven parallel motion of 5 voices (1 on the vibraphone and 4 for each key of the synthesizer). This "melody" was composed by roughly tracing juxtaposed recordings of speeches by two controversial political figures in 2016 whom, although from different countries (Brazil and US), share the same undifferentiated rhetoric. 

parlando is dedicated to percussionist and friend, Christopher Clarino.
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