instrumentation: violin, cello, and piano

duration: 6 min.

First performance: Pala Garcia (violin), Alexis Gerlach (cello) and  Peggy Kampmeier (piano). Copland House CULTIVATE 2019. Mount Kisco, NY.


"Black Lace" - Alexander Calder (1947)

sounding petals
for piano trio

sounding petals is an imagined sonificationof mobiles, such as those of American sculptor Alexander
Calder. Each instrument here represents an individual object from a mobile structure, rotating (i.e. looping)
musical phrases independently from each other. Furthermore, like the aluminum petals in some of Calder’s  work, each musical object shares common shapes/sounds with its surroundings—promoting a cohesion between small details and the larger picture.

This work was composed for CULTIVATE 2019, Copland House’s emerging composers’ institute, and was premiered by the Music from Copland House ensemble at the Merestead estate in Mount Kisco, NY on June 9, 2019.

© 2018 Igor Santos. All Rights Reserved.

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