for violin and piano

instrumentation: violin and piano

duration: 14 minutes

Commission by the McKim Fund at Library of Congress. Virtual Premiere by Ensemble Dal Niente (MingHuan-Xu and Winston Choi).

confined. speak. explores the condition of confinement through various musical interpretations of the word.

Sound, for example, is confined through the use of heavy mutes on strings (on both the violin and inside the piano), through short loops (symbolizing confined time), cluster harmonies (confined pitch space), and by playing speech recordings from within a box. The notion of confined expression is equally important and is represented through stuttering gestures, abrupt cut-offs, and other rhetorical devices that disrupt the fluency of music and “speech”.

The work is dedicated to Ensemble Dal Niente members MingHuan Xu and Winston Choi, commissioned through the McKim Fund from the Library of Congress.

Released on New Focus Recordings:

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