Instrumentation: Piano and Percussion
Duration: 7 minutes
Premiere Performance: May 24 2023, Constellation Chicago; Flannau Duo.

The starting point for "carve" is the act of engraving and chiseling into various materials. Any surface featuring grooves, slits, or indentations is used on both piano and percussion to represent—in sound—this idea of carving. The object being sculpted remains ambiguous, however—the narrative focuses more on carving as a means of self-discovery, hinting at nostalgic harmonies within a textured, granular soundscape.

The piece was commissioned by, and created in collaboration with, Kyle Flens and Jonathan Hannau for their inaugural concert as the Flannau Duo. The premiere took place on May 24, 2023, at Constellation Chicago.

Video and Audio recording kindly provided by Constellation, from the premiere.

© 2018 Igor Santos. All Rights Reserved.

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