available stops
for viola and cello

instrumentation: viola and cello

duration: 5''

premiere performance: Sept. 18 2021, DCTorium, Chicago. EarTaxi Festival; with the Quixote Duo (Sixto Franco and Juan Horie)

available stops is a work that takes art of organ registrations—with all of its possibility for timbre variation—as a point of departure. This is heard in the constant change of color for the hocketing unison notes and fi gurations, as well as an extended “mixture" stops section, with its constant parallel motion voicing and orchestration. Finally the “organ" reference is almost literal in that I use performer vocalization as another kind of registration/color palette—a technique explored in much of my recent work.

The music is written for the Quixote Duo, and was premiered at the 2021 EarTaxi Festival in Chicago.

© 2018 Igor Santos. All Rights Reserved.

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