Below are selected excerpts from my work in Theater and Experimental Classical Music

Theater Works

The Doctor is In!
Comedy adapted by C. David Frankel from Moliére's The Doctor in Spite of Himself
production at University of South Florida School of Theater and Dance

The Doctor is Out! Post-Show Music:

Quartet — Act II to Act III:

Silent Sky
play by Lauren Gunderson
production at Tampa Repertory Theater

Conversations With Herself—(recurring main theme):

play by Will Eno
production at Tampa Repertory Theater

(all music for this play was based on "Peer Gynt", by Edward Elgar)

Meta-Instrument Design

This electro-acoustic project blends acoustic instruments with their estranged digital doubles, creating  new meta-instruments capable of a wider tessitura, augmented possibilities for articulation, a rich microtonal palette, new touch techniques, new resonances, etc.

This research has been explored in several compositions: solo works (études, 2014-16), chamber music (parlando 2016, lamento 2016) and in large ensemble settings (suggested affinities, 2018). The technological and historical background for much of this work is explored in a research paper titled:Towards a Super-Piano: Expansion and Defamiliarization Through Microtonal Keyboards, available here.

Below is a video explaining the software employed in these pieces, along with examples:

for vibraphone and synthesizer
(performed by Christopher Clarino and Todd Moellenberg at UCSD SpringFest '16)

parlando - movement II

suggested affinities
concerto for piano, ensemble, and electronics performed by Ensemble Dal Niente—Chicago, IL, 2018

cued listening excerpt: 16'04 to 19'33''.

Additional materials:

Portfolio with scores for my experimental, classical and electronic works here
Website for my theater works here
Updated CV here

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